Thursday, July 20, 2006

20 July 2006 Update of events

15.18: Air raid on Beirut airport
15.16: Hizbullah bombs Israeli ammunition storage
15.00: Hizbullah bombs Israeli air force station
14.48: Fights between Hizbullah and Israeli in Maroun el Rass and Aitroun
14.44: Raids on Habarieh , Kfarshiuba, Kfarhamam & Rashaya Fukhar
14.34: Destruction of Delafa bridge in the West Bekaa
14.24: Israeli air raid on Tyr
14.20: Israeli air raid on Badias Abassieh
13.51: Rockets hit Haifa
13.29: Three raids on Fakiha Hill and Baalbeck area
13.26: Air raid on twon of Ras Baalbeck
12.56: Two Israeli soldier killed in fight with Hizbullah inside Lebanese territories
12.45: Regular bombing of Marjeyoun
12.44: Four raids on Chtoura in the mid Bekaa
12.40: Air raid on Taanayel in the Bekaa
12.32: Helicopters evacuate foreigners
12.29: Eight killed at least and many wounded in an attack on convoy from Aitaroun
12.07: Air raid on Kfour valley in Nabatieh
12.00: Four bombs shelled on two inoperative drilling vehicles since more than one year located in Ashrafieh
11.54: Air raid targets ambulance on Nabatieh road
11.50: UN suggest the deployment of int’l forces & infrastructure reconstruction
11.32: Two killed and a number of wounded hit refugees coming from Bazourieh nearTyr
11.27: Cattle farm targeted in town of Lucy in the Bekaa
11.24: Parking lot shelled near Church in Hadath
11.11: Two bombs hit street in Achrafieh
11.02: Trucks bombed in Chamoun Street in Hadath
10.35: Bombs hit Haifa
10.28: Air raid on Beirut southern suburb
10.20: Air raids kill at least 43 civilians on the morning of Wednesday
09.30: Air raid on the entrance of Zahleh near Kssara


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