Monday, July 24, 2006

Minute by Minute:: July 24

Source: Tayyar, New TV and other news sources

  • 23:48 French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy confirms that calling for cease-fire in Lebanon cannot occur without disarming Hezbollah and release of two Israeli soldiers
  • 23:45 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert insists Syria is not partner in diplomatic negotiations aimed at finding solution to crisis in Lebanon
  • 23:26 Hezbollah rockets hit settlements in northern Israel
  • 23:25 70% of Sukleen employees have left Lebanon
  • 23:21 Over 4,000 people took part in large demonstration in Tunisian capital this evening, denouncing continued Israeli aggressions on people of Lebanon and Palestine
  • 23:20 Arab Media Forum General Secretary, Madi Abdullah al-Khamis, denounced fierce and inhumane attacks that Lebanon has been subjected to by brutal Israeli forces
  • 23:18 UNICEF sent out urgent request for $23,845,000 to support children affected by current crisis in Lebanon and Syria, indicating that sum is part of overall appeal by UN agencies to provide relief to Lebanon, totaling $150 million
  • 23:17 4 UN peace-keeping forces: Israeli tank shell injures 4 Ghanaian soldiers
  • 23:16 Israeli chief of military intelligence declares in releases to Israeli press today that Lebanese Hezbollah has begun to activate dormant cells abroad planning attacks against Israelis; General Amos Yadlin confirmed in press conference: “Hezbollah attack units abroad have been reactivated”. In response to question, one expert stated Hezbollah has many members abroad
  • 23:09 Israeli chief of military intelligence declares in releases to Israeli press today that Lebanese Hezbollah has begun to activate dormant cells; Israeli reconnaissance planes assessing targets
  • 23:07 First tally of military operations on border between Hezbollah and Israeli army indicates drastic shift in military tactics employed by military wing of Hezbollah
  • 23:06 Yedioth Ahronot: 30% of Haifa residents leaving city
  • 23:05 Editorial board of ‘al-Haqa’eq’ magazine announces that building which houses their offices in Haret Hreik, al-Ghobeiri, Dourgham Street, has been completely destroyed
  • 23:04 Two successive Israeli air strikes on environs of southern town of Kfarsir at 9 pm
  • 23:01 International Committee of the Red Cross considers Israel in violation of international humanitarian law, which emphasizes sparing civilians and non-military personnel, in addition to medical and relief teams
  • 23:00 Hezbollah announces deaths of martyrs Mohammad Yousef Osseily and Mustafa Ali Zalzali
  • 22:57 Israeli air strike on Jbeil al-Baten
  • 22:45 UNDP issues appeal to donor countries for $13.6 million for Lebanese refugees
  • 22:40 South East Asia Foreign ministers call for immediate ceasefire under supervision of UN, accusing Israel of using unrestrained force in Lebanon
  • 22:35 Rice in Israel: any agreement has to present long term solution
  • 22:19 Israeli sources: Israeli soldier killed in clashes in Bint Jbeil
  • 22:13 AP: Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri rejects Rice’s proposal, which contains conditions for ceasefire
  • 22:00 Around 2,000 protestors demonstrate in front of Israeli embassy in Paris, carrying Lebanese flags
  • 21:48 Renewed Israeli air strikes on southern suburb of Beirut
  • 21:32 Motorcycle targeted on road between Qana and Ain Ba’al, killing driver
  • 21:23 Renewed Israeli air strikes on Sour (Tyre)
  • 21:22 Israeli airplanes circles at low altitude above Beirut and southern suburb
  • 21:19 White House reasserts disapproval of ceasefire
  • 21:15 Israeli air strikes on Kfar Rumman and Nabatiyeh
  • 21:13 Fierce battles near Bint Jbeil
  • 21:12 Fires break out in fields of Kiryat Shmona as result of Hezbollah shelling
  • 20:54 Rice arrives in Israel
  • 20:47 US dedicates $30 million in emergency aid to Lebanon
  • 20:24 Israeli air strikes on Nabatiyeh
  • 19:44 Rice leaves Lebanon for Cyprus on way to Israel
  • 19:43 Israeli sources: two pilots killed in military helicopter crash in northern Israel
  • 19:40 Intense Israeli air strikes on Iqlim al-Tuffah in attempt to isolate it from Nabatiyeh
  • 19:39 AFP: Israeli shelling kills seven Lebanese, including children, and injures nearly 42
  • 19:07 Hezbollah rockets hit Kiryat Shmona during Israeli president Moshe Katsav’s visit to settlement
  • 18:47 Israeli air strikes on Tallet Hamamess in Bint Jbeil, reports of people killed and injured under rubble
  • 18:45 Meeting at US embassy in Awkar that brought Rice together with majority MP group included light lunch of sandwiches and fruit. Ex-president Amin Gemayel was at center of majority MP group, flanked by MP Walid Jumblatt and Minister Nayla Mouwad
  • 18:40 al-Jazeera: Israeli air strike on Sour (Tyre)
  • 18:39 Israeli press: 80 rockets landed in Israel today, injuring 30 people
  • 18:38 During visit in Beirut, Rice proposed setting up security zone between Lebanon and Israel in southern Lebanon, in addition to deploying Lebanese army and promoting role of UNIFIL in area
  • 18:37 Egypt will demand immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah at international conference to be held in Rome on Lebanese crisis
  • 18:35 Fierce clashes continue around Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon
  • 18:26 New TV: meeting between Rice and Berri ends with no agreement
  • 18:17 Warning sirens in Safad
  • 18:11 Thousands of Sudanese demonstrate in Khartoum in support of Hezbollah
  • 18:11 Egyptian – Saudi summit tomorrow to discuss war in Lebanon
  • 18:10 Blair hopes that plan for Lebanon will be completed within days
  • 18:08 Hezbollah shells Safad and Haifa with tens of rockets
  • 18:00 Secretary of State Rice meets with MP majority group in US embassy in Awkar; prominent among those present is MP Walid Jumblatt
  • 17:49 Israeli air strike on Sour el Hosh road near Lebanese Army barracks
  • 17:28 Large fires break out in Misgav Am, Kiryat Shmona and Manara settlements
  • 17:13 Blair in joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki: I want Israelis and Hezbollah to stop fighting, which is why we must have plan and international forces to forge security zone between Israel and LebanonMaliki: There is silence surrounding what Israel is doing to Lebanon
  • 17:06 Rice leaves Ain al-Tineh for US embassy in Awkar without releasing statement
  • 17:04 Blair hopes plan in place within days to stop war in Lebanon
  • 16:56 Fierce Israeli shelling on Safad al-Batteekh kills 4 and injures over 20
  • 16:44 Rice expresses deep concern over deterioration of humanitarian conditions in Lebanon
  • 16:39 Several Hezbollah rockets hit town of Tabaraya (Tiberius)
    16:37 Hezbollah says it has shelled Haifa again, expanding scope of shelling to settlement of Kiryat Bialik
  • 16:31 Israeli air strikes on house in Nabatiyeh and town center of Kfarjouz in southern Lebanon
  • 16:29 British Prime Minister Tony Blair continues to oppose cease-fire in Lebanon
  • 16:21 Rice will head to US embassy after meeting with Berri to meet with 14 March group members currently at embassy, including Walid Jumblatt, George Adwan, Amin Gemayel and others
  • 16:21 Rice heads to Ain al-Tineh to meet with Speaker of Parliament, Nabih Berri
  • 16:13 Warning sirens in Haifa and Krayot
  • 16:09 Israeli air strikes on al-Bayyada and al-Mansouri in Sour (Tyre)
  • 15:57 UN team heads to Syria and Iran for discussions on Lebanon
  • 15:51 Haaretz: 11 people injured in today’s clashes in Maroun al-Ras and Bint Jbeil
  • 15:49 Renewed Israeli air strikes on Nabatiyeh and Sour (Tyre)
  • 15:46 New round of Hezbollah rockets hit Haifa, Nahariya and Shlomi; one person injured
  • 15:41 Two Hezbollah fighters killed in clashes today
  • 15:33 Rice still in meeting with Prime Minister Siniora
  • 15:30 Haaretz: Hezbollah rockets hit two adjacent buildings in Nahariya; no injuries
  • 15:28 Israeli air strikes on Ma’aliya and Ras al-Ain south of Sour (Tyre)
  • 15:24 Ambulance targeted on Nabatiyeh’s main road
  • 15:18 Israeli air strikes on Nabatiyeh injure three
  • 15:14 Haaretz: Troops from Golani Battalion enter southern city of Bint Jbeil
  • 15:10 Hezbollah rockets hit Haifa
  • 15:08 Warning sirens in Haifa
  • 15:06 Jordanian King arrives in Kuwait to discuss situation in Lebanon
  • 15:03 Germany expresses belief that there are indicators for diplomatic resolution of crisis in Middle East
  • 15:00 Israeli air strikes on Nabatiyeh, extend to Ghandour Hospital
  • 14:56 Israeli army warns residents of Abraj al-Nada in Beit Lahia to evacuate homes ahead of shelling
  • 14:50 Haaretz: Hezbollah rockets hit Safad
  • 14:33 Four Israeli air strikes on Kfar Hamam
  • 14:30 Israeli sources: commander of artillery brigade is killed in battles on Lebanese – Israeli border
  • 14:18 Rice arrives at Government Serail; meets with Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
  • 14:07 Hariri: Lebanon not playground for Israel to use whenever it wants; there are discussions to bring foreign forces to Lebanon; Lebanon has been invited to Rome and it is still too early for us to express our position; half-solutions are not solutions for conflict, we need comprehensive solution; we have paid high price for our conflict with Israel, unmatched by any other country
  • 13:56 EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana after meeting Saad al-Hariri: effective forces are needed to maintain Lebanon’s sovereignty; when we say new Middle East, we mean one that lives in peace; we have called for this for long time and still do; there are issues with the Palestinians and others, and we need comprehensive solution and progress towards peace
  • 13:39 Israeli army: six wounded in helicopter crash near border
  • 13:35 Israeli Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz confirms Israeli forces have reached outskirts of Bint Jbeil; he conceded that his troops had met resistance from Hezbollah, saying that Israelis were advancing at slow pace after learning lessons from battle at Maroun al-Ras in order to avoid losses; Halutz revealed that Israel has photographic evidence that Hezbollah is in possession of rockets with 200 km range, ignoring when and how they will be launched
  • 13:31 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert holds Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad al-Siniora responsible for safety of 2 kidnapped soldiers, following yesterday’s announcement by Foreign Minister Fawzi Saloukh that soldiers are in good health
  • 13:28 Israeli air strike on Nabatiyeh
  • 13:23 Israeli army: Golani Brigade fought fierce battles in Bint Jbeil to drive Hezbollah north
  • 13:18 Rice arrives in Beirut
  • 13:09 Two Israeli soldiers killed and 17 wounded in clashes on border
  • 13:04 Israeli helicopter crashes near Lebanese border
  • 12:58 Israeli sources: Israeli army might need one week to end campaign against Hezbollah
  • 12:51 Security forces heavily deployed across Beirut ahead of Rice’s arrival
  • 12:44 Haaretz: Over 20,000 settlers in Haifa want to leave country
  • 12:8 Israeli air strikes on Tayr Harfa, Majdal Zoun and Derdeghiya / al-Houmaira road
  • 12:34 Hezbollah confirms ongoing confrontations with Israelis near Maroun al-Ras
  • 12:25 Israeli Minister: Israel does not want to destroy Hezbollah but to stop it from returning to border
  • 12:22 Lawyers demonstrate against Israeli war on Lebanon in front of ESCWA headquarters in Beirut, calling for cease-fire
  • 12:19 US source confirms Rice’s visit to Beirut
  • 12:18 Israel instructs inhabitants of settlements near border to leave their homes
  • 12:07 Renewed Israeli bombing of Southern Suburb of Beirut
  • 12:04 US calls on Syria once again to put pressure on Hezbollah
  • 12:01 Israeli army admits one soldier killed and 8 injured in confrontation with Hezbollah
  • 11:59 Shimon Peres: we want serious international force in southern Lebanon; no matter who runs it
  • 11:59 Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs announces Islamic summit to discuss Israeli attack on Lebanon
  • 11:58 No casualties in Israeli air strike on parked truck on a roadside in Wadi Shahrour
  • 11:55 Israeli army threatens to destroy 10 houses in Southern Suburbs for every rocket that lands in Haifa
  • 11:50 Hezbollah announces destruction of fifth tank between Avivim settlement and Maroun al-Ras, resulting in several casualties and injuries among Israelis
  • 11:48 Fierce battles between Israelis and Hezbollah near border regions
  • 11:45 US Embassy and Fouad al-Siniora deny knowledge of Rice’s visit
  • 11:43 Israeli shelling of Derdghiya/Arzoun road near Sour (Tyre)
  • 11:41 Hezbollah confirms destruction of 4 Israeli tanks in confrontations near border
  • 11:31 Lebanese Government expects Rice to arrive in Beirut today
  • 11:26 Bolton: Syria does not need talks in order to know what is expected of her
  • 11:22 Bolton: Syria needs to pressure Hezbollah to return 2 Israeli soldiers
  • 11:17 US ambassador to UN John Bolton: Syria should pressure Hezbollah to stop shelling Israeli civilians
  • 11:15 Israeli air strikes on Aiteet, al-Sha’aytiyeh, al-Bazouriyeh and Wadi Jilo
  • 11:04 al-Jazeera correspondent: Hezbollah announces one Israeli soldier killed in Maroun al-Ras clashes
  • 11.00 Truck targeted by Israeli rocket on Bleibel / Wadi Shahrour road
  • 10:55 King Abdullah II arrives in Kuwait to discuss situation in Lebanon
  • 10:50 Israeli air strikes on Toura, al-Abasiyyeh and environs of Bareish in South
  • 10:29 Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Saud al-Faisal calls on Bush to intervene to stop Lebanese bloodshed
  • 10:14 Israeli ambulances rush to location of explosion in Maroun al-Ras
  • 10:12 News of destruction of Israeli tank by Hezbollah in environs of Maroun al-Ras
  • 09:55 Israeli tanks penetrate into environs of Maroun al-Ras
  • 09:02 Israel army announces that nine of its troops wounded in clashes with Hezbollah near Bint Jbeil
  • 08:58 Two killed and two wounded in Israeli air strike on al-Halousiyeh
  • 08:57 Israeli air strike on Hay al-Bayad in Nabatiyeh destroys two homes
  • 08:56 Five wounded and three homes destroyed in Israeli air strike on al-Duwayr
  • 08:44 Rice calls for urgent cease-fire that puts stop to Hezbollah threats to Israel
  • 08:34 Two killed and seven wounded in Israeli air strike on car in al-Ma’liyeh near Sour (Tyre)
  • 07:50 Fierce clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli army near Bint Jbeil
  • 04:05 Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah tells al-Safir newspaper that Israeli ground incursion into Lebanon will have no political implications if it does not stop shelling of settlements in north occupied Palestine, something that has not happened so far, and will not happen in future. Nasrallah pointed out that during Israeli aggression in April 1996, resistance capabilities were lower, both in quality and quantity, while Israel occupied entire border strip in Lebanon, and still could not stop shelling of settlements. Nasrallah announced that priority now is stopping of Israeli aggression, and when time is right for serious discussion of ideas and initiatives, we will be ready to voice our opinions in framework adopted for solution
  • 03:04 Precarious calm envelops Lebanese regions
  • 02:42 Bolton refuses Syria’s offer for negotiations
  • 02:29 Israeli airplanes circle over South Lebanon
  • 01:30 al-Jazeera: Israeli army announces capture of two Hezbollah fighters in Maroun al-Ras
  • 01:25 381 killed in Israeli aggression on Lebanon until now
  • 0:55 Israeli rockets target al-Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp
  • 00:30 Israeli air strike on two Red Cross ambulances in Sour (Tyre) transporting three wounded; all six ambulance medical personnel wounded


Blogger olegt said...

This is sounds like another Al-Manar channel. Mostly propaganda and lies.

July 24, 2006 10:27 PM  
Blogger pourlayal said...

Al Manar propaganda, ok. but sorry, these are facts, all these are facts. children and women killed inside their home, propaganda? Propaganda? Lies? So come in Lebanon, come and see what is the real israelian propaganda. Are all these hundreds of civilian people terrorists ?Is this young photograph, 23 years old, an anger in this world of savages, a terrorist? why the israelian people accept all these crims in his name? Layal Nagib, an anger with blue eyes, always smiling et helping people, id deaded this sunday, savagely killed by a missile, yes, a missile. this is the reality, not propaganda.

July 26, 2006 12:24 AM  
Blogger forlayal said...

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July 26, 2006 12:30 AM  
Blogger forlayal said...

Oleg, have some decency and feel the human compassion for once in your life. Stop your propaganda nonsense,you have been brainwashed by your Jews compadres i can tell.

Al Manar propaganda? ok. But sorry, these are facts, all these are facts. Children and women killed inside their home, propaganda? Propaganda? Lies? So come in Lebanon, come and see what is the real israelian propaganda. Are all these hundreds of civilian people terrorists ?Is a young photograph, 23 years old, a terrorist? why the israelian people accept all these crims in his name? Layal Nagib, an anger with blue eyes, always smiling et helping people, is dead this sunday, savagely killed by a missile, yes, a missile. This is the reality we all have to know, this is not propaganda.

July 26, 2006 6:03 AM  
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911 was an inside job. Bush and Silverstein did it themselves.
**TRUTH** and the same goes for 7/7 baby bush picture

March 14, 2007 6:21 AM  

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