Monday, July 31, 2006

Minute by Minute:: July 31

Source: Tayyar, New TV and other news sources

  • 23:39 Israeli air landing attempt on western slopes of Mount Lebanon, 4 Israeli air strikes on Faraya, Aayoun al-Simane road
  • 23:25 French foreign minister meets Iranian counterpart in Beirut, emphasizes Iran’s important role in region
  • 23:17 UN High Commission for Human Rights wants independent investigation into shelling of Qana
  • 22:51 Reuters: Medical sources say rescue workers retrieved 49 civilian bodies on Monday from rubble of demolished houses and vehicles destroyed by Israeli shelling in villages in southern Lebanon
  • 22:35 Five people injured in Israeli air strike on civilian car near Masnaa border point
  • 22:29 President Bashar al-Assad calls on Syrian army to be ready in light of “current regional challenges”
  • 22:25 Houla residents call on Red Cross to evacuate 300 persons under siege
  • 22:21 Speaker of Parliament Berri to Annan: Israel has announced its 48 hour suspension of air strikes to serve two objectives: forcing all people to leave their homes in southern Lebanon in order for Israel to scorch land, and appeasing heightened international anger thus absorbing demand for cease-fire
  • 22:19 Saudi government holds Israel responsible for war crimes in Lebanon
  • 22:11 Mayor of London calls for demonstration in British capital to demand immediate cease-fire in Lebanon
  • 21:35 French consulate resumes work on pending visa applications starting Wednesday
  • 21:08 Hezbollah announces thwarting Israeli incursion in Aita al-Shaab
  • 21:02 Russia: immediate cease-fire is crucial after Qana massacre
  • 21:00 Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki arrives in Beirut this evening; will
  • meet Lebanese counterpart Fawzi Salloukh, Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and number of officials
  • 20:10 Syrian-made bomb explodes during passage of Israeli troops in Golan Heights
  • 19:35 Olmert holds press conference: no cease-fire in coming days; we will cease attacks when threat is removed and soldiers are returned
  • 19:31 Israeli air strike on Civil Defense car in Beqaa injures three people
  • 19:30 Naval ships and Israeli helicopters rush to rescue targeted warship
  • 19:11 Israeli air strike on al-Masnaa
  • 19:10 Israel breaks air strike suspension on southern Lebanon, launching air strikes on al-Taybeh to support Israeli troops in ongoing clashes with Hezbollah
  • 19:05 Lebanese security sources confirm Hezbollah strike on Israeli warship facing Sour (Tyre) coast; Israel denies
  • 19:01 Hezbollah announces destruction of Israeli Saer warship facing Sour (Tyre); 53 crew members include officers and soldiers
  • 19:00 Israeli army destroys truck near Lebanese-Syrian border
  • 18:51 UN extends mission of peacekeeping force in Lebanon for one month
  • 18:50 Haaretz: Israeli army has destroyed so far two thirds of Hezbollah's long-range rockets
  • 18:40 Two Israeli air strikes on al-Masnaa on Lebanese-Syrian border; one targets civilian truck
  • 18:30 Hezbollah: we are confronting Israeli troops attempting to advance towards Aita al-Shaab, al-Qawzah and Ramiyeh triangle
  • 18:25 Peretz: Israel will broaden range of operations in Lebanon
  • 18:20 UN says it needs security guarantees from all sides to reinforce aid efforts in southern Lebanon
  • 17:15 al-Jazeera: Bush rejects cease-fire and insists on radical solution to Lebanese crisis
  • 17:10 Child found alive under rubble in Qana
  • 16:50 French foreign minister Douste-Blazy holds press conference at Grand Serail
  • 16:20 Israeli radio: prominent political source expects government to agree tonight on expanding military operations in Lebanon
  • 15:45 15 people pulled out alive from ruins of building in Bint Jbeil
  • 15:25 Human Rights Watch holds Israel responsible for massacre in Qana and says warning civilians does not give it right to strike
  • 15:20 Eight bodies pulled from Sour (Tyre) and Nabi Shit roads
  • 15:15 Israeli artillery shelling on Kfar Kila and al-Adayseh
  • 14:45 Hezbollah announces destruction of 5 Israeli tanks, 2 bulldozers and armoured jeep in confrontations at Kfar Kila / al-Adayseh axis
  • 14:20 al-Arabiya: al-Adayseh and al-Taybeh burned completely as result of Israeli shelling
  • 14:15 Intensive Israeli shelling on al-Adayseh in southern Lebanon
  • 14:10 Israeli army chief of staff Dan Halutz back in hospital again for chest pains
  • 14:00 UN relief convoy leaves Beirut for Qana
  • 13:40 Israeli army announces it has carried out air strikes on al-Taybeh to support ground troops
  • 13:30 Israeli radio: shells land on Kiryat Shmona
  • 13:28 Douste-Blazy: we insist on immediate cessation of military operations, to be followed by negotiations to reach political agreement
  • 13:17 Russia criticizes delay in calling for immediate cease-fire
  • 13:14 Rice expects truce soon and suspension of air strikes
  • 12:53 al-Arabiya: renewed Israeli shelling on Qana after yesterday’s massacre
  • 12:52 Lahoud: Lebanese army will enter battle if Israelis invade Lebanon
  • 12:48 Israeli war and surveillance planes circle heavily over Masnaa border area
  • 12:46 Maariv: 11 Israeli soldiers injured in clashes near al-Taybeh since last night
  • 12:35 French foreign minister Douste-Blazy calls for cease-fire, exchange of prisoners, return of Shebaa Farms, implementation of Taif treaty and drawing of borders; also stated that France supports deployment of international forces only on agreement of both sides
  • 12:25 Israeli army states three soldiers wounded in clashes with Hezbollah in Kfar Kila
  • 12:19 Lebanese security sources: one Lebanese soldier killed and three injured in Israeli shelling of army barracks
  • 12:13 Israeli air strikes on al-Oweida near Marjeyoun
  • 12:09 Israeli warships shell Lebanese army barracks in al-Qasimiyeh, casualties reported
  • 12:08 al-Jazeera: 26 bodies found under rubble in Srifa in southern Lebanon
  • 12:05 Israeli air strike targets public taxi on al-Aabbasiyeh / Sour (Tyre) road, wounding driver
  • 12:03 Peretz: Israel cannot accept immediate cease-fire
  • 11:58 Israeli defense minister: operations against Hezbollah to increase and army will fulfill aims of Israeli government
  • 11:45 Israeli radio: three Israeli soldiers wounded when their combat vehicle overturned near al-Taybeh
  • 11:42 Israeli defense minister: war against Hezbollah will change situation in region
  • 11:25 Rice leaves Israel to return to US
  • 11:22 Three Israeli soldiers wounded by anti-tank rocket
  • 11:06 Israeli artillery shelling on outskirts of al-Qaouzah and Beit Lif; Israeli surveillance plane circle heavily over area
  • 10:58 Hezbollah announces three Israeli tanks destroyed in ongoing clashes on Kfar Kila / al-Aadayseh axis
  • 10:55 Israeli artillery shelling on Kfar Shouba and outskirts of Kfar Hamam in southern Lebanon
  • 10:50 Clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli army on Kfar Kila / al-Adaiyseh axis
  • 10:38 Israeli radio: Israeli army retains right to retaliate should it come under Hezbollah attack
  • 10:20 Israeli radio denies Hezbollah shelling of Kiryat Shmona
  • 10:07 Israeli radio: no cease fire before deployment of international forces
  • 10:05 al-Jazeera: 4 Hezbollah rockets target Kiryat Shmona
  • 09:56 Iranian foreign minister to visit Beirut today
  • 09:53 Israeli justice minister: suspending air strikes does not mean end of war against Hezbollah
  • 09:13 French foreign minister arrives in Beirut
  • 08:15 Israeli air strike on Hezbollah targets in Yanta
  • 02:40 Qatari draft statement on Qana refused; Security Council looks into French statement
  • 02:30 Iran demands UN take action against Israel for crimes against humanity
  • 02:24 French foreign minister visits Lebanon Monday
  • 02:02 Over 5,000 people demonstrate in Trocadero Square in Paris, carrying Lebanese flags, in protest over Qana massacre
  • 01:48 Emergency Saudi – Jordanian summit in Jeddah
  • 01:45 Saudi Arabia confirms support for Lebanese government and condemns Qana massacre
  • 00:22 Israel agrees to stop air operations on southern Lebanon for 48 hours to investigate Qana massacre


Blogger Chris said...

A perhaps more serious criminal attack happened at Bint Jbeil. Today, about 40 reporters reached the site and found 80% of the town demolished. Perhaps hundreds of dead are under the rubble.


July 31, 2006 4:12 PM  
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