Monday, July 17, 2006

Several updates

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Spy Plane down.

Another Spy balloon carying cameras and transmission devices was shot down by Hezbollah over Neha in the Bekaa.

Rice in the middle east.

The US State Department says that Condoleezza Rice will be in the middle east soon.

European Union statement.

The European Union said that Hezbollah is responsible for this attack, and it is calling for an immediate cease of fire.


The Municipality of Bekaa is prepared to provide shelter and supplies for refugees. Contact 03/277859

Urgent calls from civilians.

  • The family of Abou Taan in Majdal Silem is calling on civil defense and all those who are in charge to help those who are trapped under their collapsed home.
  • The family of Rida Chibly is trapped in Halta.
  • Two families in Beit Yahoun seeking assistance.
  • 600 families in Nakoura are urgently seeking supplies.
  • 7 families in Kfarzbona in need of supplies, contact 03/526753.

Israeli Attack aims.

Since the Beginning of the attack on Lebanon, part of the Israeli plan - besides the total destruction of the transportation newtork and the means of survival - was the assassination of the leaders of the Lebanese Resistance. Recently in Mashgara the house of Kassem al-Ankouny, one of the leaders of Hezbollah, was destroyed.


The Syrian Social Nationalist Party is prepared to provide refugees with all kinds of supplies.

Urgent Call

Refugees in Omar Faroukh school in Tarek El Jadidah are deeply in need of supplies, especially medicine.

Urgent Call

Refugees in Wadi Sharour from Dahieh need all kinds of supplies. Contact 03/610375

The Israeli Truth!

Confirmed news from doctors who are examining the burned dead bodies that Israel is using illegal chemical weapons which cause deadly burns.

Israeli massacres in Lebanon.

The continuous raids in South Lebanon and South Beirut have prevented many people from evacuating, but Israeli aircraft are not differentiating between helpless people, civil defense or Red Cross volunteers.
20 were killed in Tyre, all from the civil defense, and 10 other civilians in Kfarshima (Mount Lebanon) besides the massacres in Marwaheen, Srefa, Rmayli, Kheyam and other towns adding up to almost 200 dead and around 400 injured.


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