Thursday, August 10, 2006

Minute by Minute:: August 10

Source: Tayyar, New TV and other news sources
  • 19:58 Hezbollah hits Israeli tanks advancing in southern Lebanon
  • 19:06 Diesel truck targeted in Beqaa
  • 19:05 Four new Israeli air strikes on Sreefa; 4 houses destroyed
  • 19:01 Yedioth Ahronot: operations intensify on Eastern District in southern Lebanon and Israeli troops 10 km from Litani River
  • 19:00 14 Israeli air strikes on Froun in southern Lebanon
  • 18:31 Hezbollah announces shelling of Akka (Acre), and settlements of Goren, al-Bassah and Hanita
  • 18:30 Hezbollah sets ambush for Israeli unit near Markaba, resulting in killing or injuring of unit personnel
  • 18:15 Israeli army denies Hezbollah claim that 18 Israeli soldiers killed
  • 18:10 Haaretz: Syrian made 122mm rocket explodes in Hiafa
  • 17:55 Yedioth Ahronot: 3 rockets fall on Akka (Acre)
  • 17:20 al-Jazeera from Hezbollah source: 4 Israeli soldiers killed in Teebeh Project
  • 17:15 al-Jazeera: renewal of Israeli shelling on Sour (Tyre) and its vicinity
  • 17:07 Warning sirens in northern Israel
  • 17:00 Hezbollah says it killed 10 Israeli soldiers in town of Markaba and destroyed Merkava tank
  • 16:55 Iranian embassy denies there are Iranian fighters among Hezbollah fighters
  • 16:45 Israeli air strike on Kawthariyet al-Ruz and town of Adloun
  • 16:43 Rockets on Haifa suburbs result in casualties
  • 16:30 Warning sirens in Haifa
  • 16:22 al-Jazeera: Hezbollah launches 110 rockets on number of areas in northern Israel
  • 16:17 Hezbollah rockets fall on Nahariya and Ma’alot
  • 16:13 Confrontations between Hezbollah and Israeli forces near Marjeyoun barrack
  • 16:12 Israeli air strike between al-Babiliyeh and Ansar
  • 16:10 Israeli air strike between Kafr Houna and Mleekh near Lebanese Army post
  • 15:58 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Yatar, Sirbeen, and Harees
  • 15:30 Israeli air strike on outskirts of al-Ansariyeh in Zahrani area
  • 15:21 Israeli air strike on Sharbiha results in number of casualties
  • 15:18 Israeli artillery shelling on outskirts of Adloun
  • 14:45 Warning sirens in Carmiel, Tabarayya and number of areas in northern Isreal
  • 14:23 Leaflets thrown over Beirut and Southern Suburb warn inhabitants of al-Shiyah, Burj al-Barjaneh and Hay al-Silom to evacuate
  • 14:01 Israeli forces carry out interrogations inside Marjeyoun barrack concerning types of weapons possessed by joint security force
  • 13:55 Israeli air strike in front of Zayan Hospital in Baalbek results in 3 casualties
  • 13:52 Israeli air strikes on Jnata and on outskirts of Ma’araka
  • 13:50 Israeli forces enter Marjeyoun Barracks for short period of time then retreat
  • 13:46 Israeli warships shell villages from al-Housh to Naqoura
  • 13:45 Hezbollah stops Israeli advance from Deir Siryan towards Alman – al-Qassir area
  • 13:40 Israeli shelling on Kfarmam injures 6 people
  • 13:21 Clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli army in Aita al-Shaab and Dibl
  • 13:20 Hezbollah rockets land on Kiryat Shmona and Galilee
  • 13:19 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Kfar Hamam in southern Lebanon
  • 13:18 Warning sirens in Haifa
  • 13:17 Israeli air strikes on Derdeghiya, Sh’hour, Sreefa, Deir Qanoun al-Nahr and Ma’aroub
  • 13:15 Haaretz: 8 Israeli soldieries injured in clashes on border
  • 13:00 Israeli helicopters shell Lebanese Broadcasting antenna on old lighthouse in Qreitem in Beirut
  • 12:35 UN secretary general’s personal representative in Lebanon, Geir Pederson, arrives in Grand Serail
  • 12:25 Two Arabs killed in Deir al-Assad in Israel as result of Hezbollah rockets
  • 12:20 Israeli shelling targets old Lebanese Broadcasting Station building near Lebanese army barracks in Amsheet
  • 12:02 Marjeyoun municipality chief: Israeli forces stationed in eastern section of town, and have not retreated yet
  • 11:51 al-Manar TV: Hezbollah destroys 14 tanks since this morning
  • 11:43 US ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman and French ambassador Bernard Emie meet in Grand Serail
  • 11:42 Hezbollah rockets land in Ma’a lot, Carmiel, Kiryat Shmona, Safad and Golan Heights
  • 11:27 Fierce Israeli shelling and air strikes on eastern and southern Sour (Tyre) and large fire between al-Ramadiyeh, Deir Qanoun and Ras al-Ain
  • 10:46 Intense Israeli shelling on Deir Antar, several houses destroyed
  • 10:43 Israeli helicopters circle repeatedly over Zahrani coast
  • 10:38 Hezbollah rockets fall on Nahariya and Kiryat Shmona settlements
  • 10:36 Pamphlets dropped over northern Lebanon threaten to shell any heavy vehicle that travels along coastal road after 8 pm
  • 10:32 Heavy clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces on western edges of al-Qlei’a
  • 10:18 Yedioth Ahronot: Safad hospital receives 41 wounded, including 34 soldiers
  • 10:16 Israeli airplanes drop pamphlets over al-Bedawi; anti-aircraft artillery fired at planes from inside camp
  • 10:13 al-Jazeera: Israelis withdraw from Marjeyoun
  • 10:10 Israeli airplanes circle over Tripoli in northern Lebanon
  • 09:53 Israeli air strike on Riyaq results in 12 injured
  • 09:35 Fierce battles on Dibeen hills
  • 09:13 Israeli air strike on Riyaq in Beqaa
  • 09:08 al-Jazeera correspondent says fierce clashes in Marjeyoun
  • 09:05 Hezbollah announces destruction of 7 Israeli tanks in al-Khiam valley, crew between killed or injured
  • 08:39 Israeli air strike on motorcycle in Sour (Tyre); driver killed
  • 08:35 Israeli air strikes on Zahrani bridge
  • 08:15 Reuters: Israeli forces control Marjeyoun, Burj al-Mouluk and al-Qalaya; Israeli troops moving on foot around Marjeyoun
  • 07:39 Israeli air strikes on Zibqeen, Toura and Janata in district of Sour (Tyre)
  • 07:36 Four Israeli air strikes on northern Baalbek
  • 07:34 Twelve Israeli air strikes this morning on Deir Antar; one home destroyed
  • 07:32 Israeli official: Olmert stops military operations for 2 days
  • 07:18 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over Baalbek
  • 06:58 Hezbollah confirms its fighters blocking Israeli attempt to advance towards Marjeyoun
  • 05:55 Newspaper: Israel stops expanded attack on Lebanon in order to negotiate
  • 02:25 Washington calls on Israel to control itself in new attack
  • 02:15 Washington rejects escalation of war, disagreement continues over Lebanese resolution
  • 02:05 Heavy movement among Israeli forces in southern Lebanon after decision to expand war
  • 01:40 Reuters: witnesses say Israeli forces advanced 10 km into southern Lebanon early Thursday morning, the farthest it has advanced in past 4 weeks of battles; witnesses add that Israeli forces, backed by heavy artillery fire, are on outskirts of Dibeen
  • 01:13 Hezbollah denies Israeli claim that 40 of its fighters killed, describing claim as psychological warfare
  • 00:35 Israeli television: Iranians among Hezbollah dead
  • 00:15 Israel admits 15 of its soldiers killed by Hezbollah fire


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August 10, 2006 10:38 PM  
Blogger Romi said...

I think if Israel gets away with the mass murder and genocide (it looks like they will--they always have), it will partly be because it is so horrible, so bad, so evil, so incredible, that it is hard to believe that this could happen.

The men at the top in the U.S. and Israel are psychopathic monsters.

You know, in mental hospitals, the people that the staff hate to treat are the psychopaths. That is because there is nothing wrong with them--except that they don't have a conscience.

I really think that what the fascist government of the Zionist dominated US is planning large scale murder of ALL INHABITANTS OF THE MIDDLE EAST. The use of depleted uranium to poison the land and people forever from Afghanistan, through Iraq, into Palestine and up into Lebanon constitutes the worst war crime in history.

Their goal is nothing less than to kill off most of the human species. In doing so, they will kill off ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET.

September 01, 2006 7:07 AM  

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