Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Minute by Minute:: August 15

Source: Tayyar, New TV and other news sources
  • 23:55 UN high-ranking official announces that international body hopes for speedy deployment in southern Lebanon of 3,000 – 3,500 soldiers sent by international community to form basis of fortified UNIFIL force as per UN resolution 1701
  • 23:05 US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice held telephone call with French counterpart Phillip Douste-Blazy on promoting interim forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL)
  • 22:28 MP Walid Jumblatt to hold press conference next Thursday entitled “We will not surrender to Bashar Assad and will not accept Hassan Nasrallah’s conditions”
  • 21:58 German defense minister Franz Josef Jung announces that his country would present on Thursday practical solutions on military support that Germany can offer within international forces in southern Lebanon
  • 21:57 High-ranking military source in Beirut says that Israeli forces have begun retrieving over 50 tanks and armored cars from southern Lebanon hit during clashes with Hezbollah; retrieval necessary step before Lebanese army can be deployed in area
  • 21:12 Israeli Military Chief of Staff accused of selling all his shares in Tel Aviv stock market before July 12, day kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers announced
  • 21:09 Seven bodies retrieved from under rubble in al-Hassan complex in Ruwais, 4 men, 1 woman and 2 children, all unidentified, who were transferred to Rafik Hariri governmental hospital. Search continues for other missing persons
  • 21:08 In press conference held at EU offices in Beirut, EU representative for humanitarian aid, Louis Michel, confirmed that EU will “do what it can to strengthen Lebanese government”. On Hezbollah’s arms, Michel said “We must remember that it is difficult for organized government and democracy to exist in presence of political party that is simultaneously an armed organisation”
  • 21:05 World Food Program issues new appeal today (Tuesday) for urgent aid in food items for half million people displaced by war in Lebanon, stating that $21 million are needed immediately to address situation
  • 21:00 US assistant secretary of state for Middle East Affairs, David Welch, emphasizes Lebanon’s responsibility in disarming Hezbollah, adding that US is “ready to help”. Welch also said in press conference in Washington DC “we believe best protection for Lebanon and its people is government in full control of all that happens in country”
  • 18:22 Israeli commander of northern front Udi Adam: Hezbollah may infiltrate Lebanese army units to be deployed south of Litani River
  • 18:09 Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran wants dialogue and peace; will announce its standpoint on European conditions at right time
  • 17:52 Haifa and Roshbina airports reopen
  • 17:47 Israeli defense minister Amir Peretz: this war could open door to negotiations with Damascus
  • 17:39 Reuters: Lebanese army to begin deployment south of Litani River on Thursday
  • 17:27 Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon continues
  • 16:43 German foreign minister cancels trip to Damascus after speech by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad
  • 16:23 Reuters: Israeli troops fire on three Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon today
  • 16:15 Yedioth Ahronot: Israeli war on Lebanon cost $7.5 billion
  • 15:49 Lebanese Engineering Syndicate estimates cost of rebuilding destroyed homes at $2 billion
  • 15:35 al-Jazeera: most bodies pulled out from under rubble in Ainata not identified yet
  • 15:34 Red Cross: 11 bodies pulled out from under rubble in Ainata
  • 15:15 Israeli pamphlets dropped over southern Lebanon warn residents not to return until Lebanese army and international force deployed
  • 14:32 Convoys of displaced civilians try to cross Litani River to return to Sour (Tyre)
  • 14:24 French foreign minister Douste-Blazy to visit Beirut today
  • 14:18 Bodies of 5 victims of Israeli shelling of Ainata shelter pulled out from under rubble
  • 14:16 al-Jazeera: Israelis pull out their destroyed heavy combat vehicles from southern Lebanon
  • 14:15 Displaced Lebanese civilians return to Kfar Kila in Marjeyoun despite difficulty in navigating roads
  • 14:08 al-Jazeera: 6 bodies pulled out from under rubble in al-Teebeh
  • 14:06 Israeli army withdraws from al-Qleia’a
  • 14:05 Further withdrawal of Israeli army from Lebanon
  • 13:41 Lebanese cabinet meeting scheduled for today postponed, with new date to be announced at later period
  • 12:00 Beirut International Airport status: if political negotiations succeed in lifting Israeli air blockade on Lebanon, Beirut International Airport will require at least one week to begin receiving planes on regular routes. According to General Civil Aviation Department, airport requires 3-4 days to fix damage to runways resulting from Israeli shelling, except western runway, that lies over tunnel, which will require 2 months to fix and rebuild
  • 09:05 al-Jazeera: Lebanese military official announces Lebanese army to deploy in southern Lebanon within days
  • 07:50 al-Jazeera correspondent in Shqeif Arnoun says that Israel withdrew this morning from al-Qleia’a and Burj al-Mouluk; virtually no civilian movement in those areas, unlike Nabatiyeh and Zahrani which witnessed influx of thousands of displaced civilians
  • 05:30 Sweden announces readiness to host international aid conference for Lebanon
  • 04:15 Haaretz: Hezbollah fires 10 Katyousha rockets on targets in southern Lebanon
  • 00:20 Lebanese security forces say that 2 Lebanese civilians, including 1 child, killed and 5 wounded in southern Lebanon in cluster bomb explosions following implementation of ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israeli
  • 00:01 French foreign minister Philippe Douste-Blazy says Hezbollah’s withdrawal to north of Litani and dismantling of its weapons necessary to deploy Lebanese army in southern Lebanon and fortify UN international force


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