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Minute by Minute:: August 2

Source: Tayyar, New TV and other news sources

  • 23:59 230 Hezbollah rockets land in Israel on Wednesday, it is the highest number launched from Lebanon in one day since the beginning of Israeli military operation, as reported by Israeli police
  • 23:53 Meeting of nations nominated for international forces in Lebanon postponed
  • 23:39 Israeli artillery fire on al-Aarqoub
  • 23:10 Israeli shelling on Iqlim al-Tuffah heights
  • 23:01 Amir Peretz: Israel will not succumb to international pressure to cease operations in Lebanon
  • 22.53 Israeli air strike between Al-Qsaibe and Kfar Sir in Nabatiyeh
  • 22:51 King of Jordan: We will not participate in peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon
  • 22:50 Israeli army admits 15 soldiers injured today in clashes with Hezbollah, including 4 reservists, in Barine and Majdaloun
  • 22:45 Israeli shelling on al-Tibo and Houla
  • 22:30 Israeli air strikes on Debbine near Marjeyoun and Tallet al-Hamamess overlooking Marjeyoun
  • 21:57 Hezbollah hits Zarít military base, Israeli military headquarters for northern Israel and Ami’ad military base
  • 21:55 12 Israeli air strikes on southern neighborhood of Aarab Aalim and surroundings of al-Soueida
  • 21:50 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Aarab Salim
  • 21:48 Israeli army declares that reserve forces called to duty took part in today’s battles in Aita al-Shaab for first time, alongside parachutists
  • 21:47 Israeli air strikes on areas near Marjeyoun
  • 21:45 Israeli airplanes circle over central Beqaa and Dahr al-Baidar
  • 21:40 Israeli air strike on al-Jabbour pond in western Beqaa
  • 21:25 Israel admits number of soldiers killed in Aita al-Shaab rises to 9
  • 21:22 Reconnaissance planes circle over Baalbek
  • 21:12 Renewed Israeli air strikes on al-Mahmoudiyeh near Marjeyoun
  • 21:11 Israeli air strike on area between Jarjoua and al-Louaizeh
  • 20:25 White House hopes that agreement on Lebanon will be reached in days
  • 20:21 Saudi Shiites demonstrate in support of Hezbollah
  • 20:18 Israeli army declares it destroyed 3 bases used to launch rockets into Beit She’an, Afula and Haifa
  • 20:10 Security council progresses towards reaching agreement concerning Lebanon
  • 20:08 Meeting of nations possibly participating in international forces in Lebanon is postponed again
  • 19:58 Israeli army declares aim of landing mission at Hikmeh Hospital in Beqaa last night was information that two captured Israeli soldiers were being treated there
  • 19:33 Yedioth Ahronot: 3 wounded in Nahariya
  • 19:20 Yedioth Ahronot: 3 Israeli soldiers wounded near Aita al-Shaab
  • 19:07 Haaretz: new round of Hezbollah rockets falls on Nahariya and Haifa; warning sirens heard
  • 19:05 Israeli warships shell Tyre, al-Josh road
  • 19:05 Israeli forces try to retrieve burned tank from Aita al-Shaab for third time without success
  • 18:43 Israeli air strikes on Dibbine and Mahmoudiyeh
  • 18:37 Fierce Israeli air strikes on Arab Salim river in Iqlim al-Tuffah and Ain Boswar- Jebaa – Sarba – Houmine roads in Iqlim al-Tuffah
  • 18:33 Israeli airplanes throw fliers over Nabatiyeh instructing residents to evacuate
  • 18:28 Fierce clashes at several points on border and Hezbollah prevents Israeli forces from retrieving tank and injured soldiers from eastern entrance to Aita al-Shaab
  • 18:25 Hezbollah announces a short while ago that it fired rockets on city of Akka (Acre)
  • 18:23 Yedioth Ahronot: 6 Hezbollah rockets hit Nahariya and 5 missiles hit Ma’alot
  • 18:08 US ambassador to UN, John Bolton, states Resolution 1559 must be implemented immediately, and that disarming of Hezbollah must precede deployment of international forces in Lebanon
  • 17:57 Reuters: Security Council discussions make progress which will lead to adoption of international resolution for cease-fire
  • 17:52 Israeli aire strikes on Habboush, Roumine, al-Zrariyeh and Aaba
  • 17:51 Israeli radio: Israeli army will control by tomorrow area commensurate to previous security zone
  • 17:49 British prime minister Tony Blair confirms his support of Israel on Tuesday, calling for understanding of Israel's current predicament in Lebanon
  • 17:44 al-Jazeera correspondent: Israeli forces control al-Ouwaida village and are stationed on Aadayseh, Kfar Kila road
  • 17:41 Hezbollah: Fierce fighting on entrances of Aadayseh, Rab al-Thalathine, al-Taybeh, Mhaibib, Meis al-Jabal, Aita al-Shaab and al-Jebbayn
  • 17:40 Arrival of two planes in Beirut Airport from UAE carrying 25 tons of aid
  • 17:40 French health minister in Beirut tomorrow to meet officials and deliver aid
  • 17:24 Hezbollah fires new round of missiles on northern Israel
  • 17:22 22 Israeli soldiers injured today in confrontations with Hezbollah
  • 17:21 Hezbollah rockets fall near Haifa
  • 17:18 Two consecutive Israeli air strikes on northern entrance of Sour (Tyre)
  • 17:12 Warning sirens in Akka (Acre) and Upper Galilee
  • 17:00 Israeli shelling resumes on Aaitaroun, Bint Jbeil, al-Mansouri, al-Qlayleh, Al-Henniyeh and Tallousa
  • 16:51 Israeli police: Hezbollah launched 182 missiles today, highest score in one day to date
  • 16:49 Warning sirens in Tabarayya
  • 16:48 Israeli air strikes on village of al-Babliyeh and al-Saksakiyeh Heights
  • 16:43 Fires break out in Israel as result of Hezbollah rockets
  • 16:37 Hezbollah launches new round of Khaibar I missiles on Afula
  • 16:15 Saudi foreign minister holds press conference
  • 16:10 Two Israeli soldiers injured in al-Taybeh and three injured in Mhaibib, two seriously
  • 15:59 Israeli radio: Israeli soldiers ask commanders for justification for objectives of military operation on Lebanon
  • 15:57 Warning sirens in Tabarayya
  • 15:52 Belgium expresses willingness to participate in international force in Lebanon
  • 15:50 Israeli radio: Israel prevents oil shipments from entering Lebanon
  • 15:47 Israeli air strike on area between al-Zrariyeh and al-Brayqaa in al-Zahrani
  • 15:45 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over al-Zahrani
  • 15:35 16 people killed, including seven children in Israeli attack on Baalbek
  • 15:30 Fierce fighting between Hezbollah and Israeli forces in Rmeish and Aita al-Shaab; reports of tank being destroyed
  • 15:07 al-Jazeera: Hezbollah says it has launched rockets on military base of Ein Hammour east of Tiberias for first time
  • 14:55 Israeli air strike on outskirts of village of al-Housh in Sour (Tyre)
  • 14:36 Israeli army chief-of-staff, Dan Halutz, says objective behind Baalbek operation is to demonstrate Israeli army's capabilities to carry out operations wherever it wishes in Lebanon
  • 14:34:Israeli police consider launch of 160 missiles into Israel record since beginning of war
  • 14:22 Hezbollah announces launch of 200 missiles into northern Israel, among them one Khaibar I missile
  • 14:10 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Al-Borj al-Shemali and Tayr Harfa, and ground bombardment on outskirts of al-Mansouri, al-Henniyeh and al-Jebbayn
  • 14:09 Spanish foreign minister in Beirut accompanied by delegation, with 6 tons of medical supplies
  • 14:08 Three Israeli air strikes on Qana, Hanaouay, al-Rmadiyeh and Ain Baal
  • 14:03 One Israeli settler killed in missile strikes on Nahariya
  • 13:55 Israel declares that offensive on Lebanon will continue until end of next week
  • 13:52 Israeli air strikes and ground bombardment resume on villages of the caza of Bint Jbeil
  • 13:43 Two French military vessels at port of Beirut carrying food and medical supplies
  • 13:48 Fadal Shalaq holds press conference in CDR on damages caused by aggression: cost of damage as of end of July amounts to $2.464 billion, and reconstruction will require 2 years if all necessary conditions are secured
  • 13:43 Inhabitants of Debel call on officials to evacuate them from village
  • 13:41 Reuters: Hezbollah missiles hits northern West Bank
  • 13:37 Foreign ministers of Jordan, Egypt and Spain arrive in Beirut
  • 13:30 Hezbollah says it launched Khaibar I missile on Bissan (Beit She’an) deep inside Israel
  • 13:27 al-Jazeera correspondent: Israeli air drop in Baalbek carried out with intention to abduct Hassan Nasrallah
  • 13:16 Hezbollah launches Khaibar I missile on city of Beit She’an, 68 Km south of Lebanese border in response to Israeli attacks
  • 13:15 Hezbollah says it launched missiles on Ein Hammour military base in Tabarayya for first time
  • 13:14 Reuters: Hezbollah fighters engage with around 6,000 Israeli soldiers on five fronts inside Lebanon
  • 13:11 Ha'aretz: Hezbollah missile hits 70 km deep into Israel
  • 12:51 Lebanese security sources: Hezbollah launched 300 missiles into northern Israel today
  • 12:49 Yedioth Ahronot: 8 injured, 1 in serious condition, as result of Hezbollah shelling of Israeli settlements in northern Israel
  • 12:45 Hezbollah announces its rockets on Ein Hammour military base resulted in injuries
  • 12:43 Intense ground bombardment on villages and district of Sour (Tyre)
  • 12:41 Cancellation of burial ceremony for Qana victims due to security reasons
  • 12:38 Israeli surveillance planes circle over Aakkar and villages of Jord al-Qatiaa
  • 12:37 Hezbollah missiles hit Bissan (Beit She’an) deep in Israel
  • 12:30 Halutz: Israel is considering bombing deep in Lebanon, including Beirut
  • 12:12 IDF chief-of-staff Dan Halutz says Israel killed 10 Hezbollah fighters and took 5 as prisoners in Baalbek
  • 12:03 Five Israeli air strikes on al-Borj al-Shemali in Sour (Tyre)
  • 12:02 Hezbollah fires missiles on settlements of Goren, Ilout, Ma’alot, Kfar Sadim, and al-Qosh
  • 11:55 Israeli police: 84 missiles hit northern Israel
  • 11:53 Hezbollah fires rockets on settlements of Tzuri’el and Safad, and military bases of Biranit and Ein Hammour
  • 11:51 Meeting expected tomorrow to discuss deployment of international forces to Lebanon
  • 11:45 Israeli air strike targets civilian vehicle in Ras al-Mal area (Hermel), no causalities reported
  • 11:41 Spanish foreign minister visits Beirut and Damascus
  • 11:38 Hezbollah resists Israeli incursion at four pivotal points and destroys 4 tanks and a bulldozer
  • 11:27 Hezbollah announces shelling of Israeli settlements with 200 rockets this morning
  • 11:23 12 airplanes carrying relief arrived yesterday in Beirut airport, including 2 from Egypt, 2 from Saudi Arabia and 4 from UAE
  • 11:21 Olmert: Hezbollah infrastructure completely destroyed
  • 11:20 al-Jazeera: 19 killed in Israeli air strikes on Baalbek
  • 11:18 17 Israeli soldiers wounded in Aita al-Shaab
  • 11:15 Olmert accuses Syria of promoting terrorism
  • 11:12 al-Jazeera: Olmert accuses Hezbollah of targeting civilians in Israel
  • 11:08 Hezbollah rockets land in Golan Heights and Tabarayya
  • 11:06 Olmert: attack will continue until international force deployed in southern Lebanon
  • 11:05 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Tebnine and Ain al-Mizrab road
  • 11:04 Renewed Israeli shelling of Yohmor and Zaoutar-Mayfadoun road, resulting in heavy damage
  • 11:01 Jordanian foreign minister Abdullah al-Khatib arrives in Beirut
  • 11:00 Hezbollah confronts Israeli attempt to advance towards Aita al-Shaab
  • 10:56 Hezbollah rockets target Carmiel, Nahariya, Kiryat Shmona and Safad settlements
  • 10:52 3 wounded in Akka and Kiryat Shmona
  • 10:49 Hezbollah rockets target northern Israel
  • 10:48 Hezbollah fires 8 rockets on Kiryat Shmona; fires break out
  • 10:47 Hezbollah announces it has destroyed number of tanks on al-Taybeh road heading south
  • 10:44 Demonstrations in Tunisia and Morocco last night in support of Lebanon
  • 10:34 Fires break out in Nahariya and Akka as result of Hezbollah rockets
  • 10:28 Continued Israeli shelling on Aita al-Shaab
  • 10:25 Warning sirens in Haifa; four Hezbollah rockets fall on Tabarayya
  • 10:12 Hezbollah announces it has confronted Israeli force on outskirts of al-Rmeish
  • 10:01 Katyousha rockets target Tabarayya and Safad
  • 09:55 Tens of rockets on settlements in northern Israel
  • 09:34 Israeli air strikes on Lebanese Army 2nd Brigade headquarters in Sarba, Iqlim al-Tuffah killed three soldiers: Sergeant Major Mohamad Burghul, Sergeant Major Khalid Abdul Hamid and soldier Aboud al-Nada
  • 09:33 Series of Israeli air strikes on Majdal Silm, Tallousa, outskirts of Markaba, al-Ghandouriyeh, Borj Qalawiyeh, outskirts of Tebnine, Ouadi al-Slouqi, Ouadi al-Hujair, Ouadi al-Qaysiyeh; Fierce shelling meanwhile on al-Hujair, al-Qaysiyeh, Baraashit, Shaqra 09:25 Israeli air strikes and fierce shelling on Majdel Zoun, al-Qlayeh, Zebqine, Batouliyeh and Tayr Harfa
  • 09:24 Clashes on Rab al-Thalathine, al-Aadayseh, Mhaibib axis; Israeli air strikes on Kfar Jouz
  • 09:17 Israeli air strike on al-Rihan, al-Aaishiyeh; fierce shelling on Yohmor-al-Shqif region
  • 09:04 Israeli army destroys 3 bridges in Aakkar region
  • 09:03 Israeli air strike on al-Hejjeh bridge between al-Msayleh and Nabatiyeh
  • 08:57 Two Israeli air strikes on Aandqit-Aakroum road and Aarqa bridge
  • 08:54 Two consecutive Israeli air strikes on Lebanese army 2nd brigade headquarters in Sarba in Iqlim al-Tuffah, wounding three soldiers still under rubble
  • 08:50 Lebanese police announces 11 civilians killed and 6 kidnapped by Israeli unit in Baalbek
  • 07:00 Sources close to Hezbollah: those kidnapped were not Hezbollah fighters
  • 05:55 Hikmeh Hospital in Baalbek destroyed completely
  • 05:45 Israeli army says it has seized three Hezbollah fighters in Baalbek, captives transported to Israel
  • 04:35 Aarqa-Aandqit bridge in northern Lebanon destroyed
  • 04:00 as-Safir correspondent: Israeli helicopters still launching air strikes on area around Hikmeh Hospital in Baalbek until after 3:00 am, while Israeli jet fighters launched fake air strikes; four hours after start of operation, explosions still heard in area; Hezbollah source denies Hezbollah Shura member Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek targeted in Israeli landing attempt
  • 03:45 Lebanese sources: second Israeli combat unit advances in outskirts of Baalbek
  • 03:30 Lebanon receives 5.4 million euros from Holland and 7 tons of medicine and food from Spain
  • 03:26 Yemen sends planes carrying relief to Gaza and Beirut
  • 03:20 Kofi Annan expects final resolution of Israeli-Lebanese crisis soon
    03:10 Israeli air strikes on al-Jamaliyeh near Hikmeh Hospital in Baalbek, casualties reported
  • 02:30 Lebanese sources confirm Hezbollah surrounding Israeli unit near Baalbek
  • 02:15 Hezbollah denies Israeli army may have kidnapped anyone from hospital
  • 01:55 Shimon Peres: Israeli operations to continue weeks, not months
  • 01:50 Hezbollah: Israeli commandos surrounded in Hikmeh Hospital
  • 01:47 Lebanese army foils Israeli landing attempt near Ain Bourday near Baalbek
  • 01:45 Reuters: Rice says ceasefire in Lebanon in matter of days, not weeks
  • 01:36 Intense shelling and helicopters circle over Hikmeh Hospital in Baalbek
  • 01:35 Fire breaks out in Hikmeh Hospital in Baalbek
  • 01:30 Israeli sources: operation in Hikmeh Hospital aims to kidnap Sheikh Yazbek, Hezbollah Shura member
  • 01:11 Fierce battles around Hikmeh Hospital in Baalbek
  • 00:54 Hezbollah surrounds Israeli soldiers in hospital in Baalbek
  • 00:53 Hezbollah says three soldiers from Israeli helicopter crew hit in Baalbek
  • 00:43 Hezbollah says it surrounded Israeli airborne helicopter crew south of Baalbek
  • 00:29 Lebanese internal security forces: Israeli helicopters circle at low altitude on Baalbek – Homs road, burns three petrol stations
  • 00:26 al-Jazeera correspondent: Israel targets Hikmeh Hospital thinking wounded high-ranking Hezbollah official at hospital
  • 00:22 al-Jazeera correspondent: fierce clashes between Hezbollah and Israel troops foils Israeli landing
  • 00:05 Large fire breaks out in Baalbek after Israeli shelling near Hikmeh Hospital
  • 00:02 Second Israeli landing attempt on Tal al-Abiad near Hikmeh Hospital in Baalbek confronted by Hezbollah


Blogger Neil Williams said...

George Galloway: Blair, Olmert and Bush are murderers:

“Expanding and strengthening” the onslaught against the people of Lebanon. That was Israel’s response to the international outcry over the slaughter of 56 civilians, most of them children, in Qana.

And with the world’s eyes turned to the increasingly savage offensive in southern Lebanon, Israel has tightened the noose of collective punishment around the Palestinians in Gaza.

Accompanying all this are the barely concealed calls in Washington for an assault on Iran and Syria.

No one should be in any doubt which way the chain of cause and effect runs. George Bush, with Tony Blair at his heel, is backing Israel to the hilt because the US wants Hizbollah’s resistance in Lebanon smashed as a prelude to an attack on Iran. In Washington, Blair alluded to such a war.


It is their perverse reaction to the catastrophe engulfing the occupation in Iraq, where the number of US forces is now increasing rather than being “drawn down” as was promised to military families earlier this year.

To the Iraq disaster we can add Afghanistan, where Britain lost three more soldiers on Monday.

Where two wars have failed, perhaps a wider one might succeed. Such is the logic that is tearing hundreds of Lebanese civilians to shreds and is bringing us to the brink of a gigantic conflagration.

That is also the reasoning behind US, British and Israeli talk of imposing a foreign force in southern Lebanon. This is not a plan for peace - it is a step to further war.

The belligerent forces - Israel, armed by the US, with Blair using British airports to act as quartermaster - are talking of sending troops as an alternative to a ceasefire.

They want the war to continue until Israel wins, and they want to deploy forces in southern Lebanon to help Israel win. They are becoming more anxious to get other countries to send those troops precisely because Israel is not winning.

Its generals have been shocked by the effectiveness of Hizbollah’s military resistance. Politically, the invasion of Lebanon - for that is what it is - is already a disaster for Israel and the US.

It has strengthened the national resistance in Lebanon, with Hizbollah at its centre. Lebanon’s pro-Western Government speaks of Hizbollah as resistance fighters.

Far from reopening sectarian and confessional divisions, which the US and Israel hoped would embroil Hizbollah in civil war, the assault on Lebanon has rallied huge numbers of Christians, Druze and Sunni Muslims behind the banner of Hizbollah.

Across the Middle East anger is boiling at Israel and the US certainly, but also at the corrupt kings and puppet presidents who are allowing the massacre of Lebanon to take place. Millions are taking inspiration from the Lebanese resistance. It is that resistance that could halt the wider war drive and bring some relief to the besieged Palestinians.

Make no mistake, if that resistance is broken, the result will be no kind of peace, but an even wider war.

If Israel, the US and Britain win in southern Lebanon, I warn you not to be Iranian; I warn you not to be Syrian; I warn you not to be an infant in Gaza; I warn you not to be old in Bint Jbeil; I warn you not to thirst for freedom in Egypt; I warn you not to cry out for justice in Jordan; I warn you not to demand democracy in Saudi Arabia - for if the imperialist forces win in Lebanon, more Middle Eastern countries will be dragged into the maw of war, and the hand of reaction will be strengthened everywhere.

But if they are defeated, if the resistance led by Hizbollah halts the invasion of Lebanon, if it refuses to kneel before imperial might, then a fire will be lit under every throne and in every corrupt chancellery from the Atlantic coast of North Africa to the banks of the Euphrates.

It will speed the day when the impoverished masses across the region take control of their destiny. It will give new hope to the Palestinians.

It will inspire those Israelis, currently few in number, who know the next six decades cannot be like the last and that there must be justice for Palestine. It will bring us closer to a durable peace.

And, in humbling the masters of global military and economic power, it will embolden everyone who is fighting for a better world.

George Galloway Respect MP in Uk Parliament.

Origional article availabe from:


More articles from George Galloway Respect MP and in suport of the Resistance available from the UK Respect blog at:

Neil Williams
Respect Blog

August 02, 2006 3:10 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

The facts contained in this blog should be used to convict Israel of war crimes.
I think Israel is digging itself a very large grave in Lebanon.

August 03, 2006 12:56 AM  

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