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Minute by Minute:: August 5

Source: Tayyar, New TV and other news sources

  • 23:54 110 British Labour MPs sign petition demanding that Blair call for ceasefire in Lebanon
  • 23:38 Israeli air strike on al-Madhoun bridge in Akkar
  • 23:24 Israeli air strike targets al-Ghurfa al-Faransiya (French Room) in Dahr al-Qadeeb in Cedars region
  • 23:20 Israeli air strikes on al-Areeda bridge in northern Lebanon linking country to Syria
  • 23:18 Two Israeli air strikes on area between Burj al-Shemali and al-Hosh in Sour (Tyre)
  • 23:17 Four Israeli air strikes on fields around al-Knaisseh on western slopes of Mount Lebanon
  • 23:15 Nahr al-Bared dam, which provides electrical power to northern Lebanon, is shelled
  • 23:08 Third Israeli air strike on Araqa bridge in Akkar and another bridge linking Minyara to neighboring villages
  • 22:56 Lebanese army fires at suspected foreign bodies in sea in Sour (Tyre)
  • 22:52 Israeli air planes circle repeatedly over Baalbek
  • 22:50 Lebanese security authorities on Sawt al-Ghad radio station, as well as town residents, confirm that media reports on Israeli airplanes dropping fireballs on towns of al-Manara and Sultan Yacoub which caused fires on outskirts of towns, are false.
  • 22:30 Lebanese health minister: fuel available in hospitals is sufficient for one more week of operation
  • 22:17 US and France reach agreement on UN resolution concerning Lebanon
  • 22:15 Proposed resolution on Lebanon calls for cessation of acts of war
  • 22:10 Egyptian foreign minister Ahmad Abu al-Ghait expects ceasefire within days
  • 22:09 Listing prepared by Lebanese businessmen reports destruction of at least 45 major factories in direct Israeli air strikes, in addition to small and medium sized projects not included in listing
  • 22:08 Bush expresses satisfaction with proposed UN Security Council resolution on Lebanon
  • 22:06 Lebanese and Arab expatriates in several countries demonstrate against Israeli aggression on Lebanon
  • 22:05 Jordanian King confirms support for Fouad Siniora’s plan
  • 21:55 King Abdullah and Amr Moussa discuss attack on Lebanon
  • 21:25 Israeli air strike on Deir Antar
  • 20:55 After announcing reaching US-French proposed resolution calling for ceasefire in Lebanon, US Foreign Affairs spokesperson states that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will visit UN beginning of next week
  • 20:35 Israeli air strike on Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine base in Heshmesh valley in Beqaa
  • 20:07 Israeli air strike on al-Hijjeh area in Zahrani district injures 5
  • 19:20 Hezbollah says it will implement ceasefire when Israeli aggression ends and on condition that no Israeli soldiers remain in Lebanon
  • 18:50 Vladimir Putin and Kofi Annan stress necessity to adopt Security Council resolution that calls for immediate ceasefire in Lebanon
  • 18:40 Hezbollah: 6 Israeli soldiers injured in Aita al-Shaab
  • 18:30 Haaretz: one Israeli soldier injured on border with Lebanon
  • 18:28 John Bolton: French – US agreement does not mean immediate ceasefire in Lebanon
  • 18:27 Arab and Israeli peace activists participate in demonstrations in Tel Aviv
  • 18:25 Hezbollah announced shelling of northern settlements, including Galilee military command
  • 18:20 Blair: Security Council agreement concerning Lebanon is vital first step to end tragic crisis in Lebanon
  • 17:47 Jerusalem Post: fierce confrontations between Israeli army and Hezbollah in Aita al-Shaab
  • 17:45 Security Council session today to ratify agreement on Lebanon reached between France and US in London
  • 17:40 Heavy shelling from sea on towns of Batouliyeh, Ras al-Ain, and Deir Qanoon in area around Sour (Tyre)
  • 17:32 Haaretz: 60 Katyousha rockets hit Israel in one hour
  • 17:30 French presidency announces reaching agreement between Washington and Paris concerning resolution of conflict in Lebanon
  • 17:20 Associated Press: French-American agreement on international resolution concerning Lebanon
  • 17:15 Israeli television: 3 Israelis killed in Hezbollah shelling of northern areas
  • 16:55 Five Israelis injured by Hezbollah rockets launched on Hiafa
  • 16:40 NBN transmitting station in Toumat Neha targeted and destroyed; fuel tanks on site catch fire
  • 16:25 Six rockets launched by Hezbollah fall on northern Israel; fires break out
  • 16:17 Hezbollah shelling on Shlomi causes fires; no injuries reported
  • 16:16 Two Israeli air strikes on al-Manar antenna in Toumat Neha
  • 16:15 Hezbollah shells Safad, Nahariya, and Kiryat Shmona again
  • 16:00 Yedioth Ahronot: rockets fall on Safad
  • 15:50 Lebanese security forces deny leaflets were thrown over Saida (Sidon), and announce arresting those who spread rumor
  • 15:15 Israeli Army says it intends to target Hezbollah rocket launchers in Saida (Sidon)
  • 14:55 Meeting ends between Siniora and David Walsh
  • 14:50 Reuters: Israeli army warns inhabitants of Saida (Sidon) to evacuate
  • 14:38 Hezbollah launches rockets on Ma’alot
  • 14:30 5 injured in Israeli shelling on Rub Thalatheen, and two air strikes on Dibeen
  • 14:05 Israeli air strike on al-Mahmoudiyeh
  • 14:00 Peretz: Israeli army will expand its operations against Hezbollah
  • 13:20 Hezbollah announces shelling of Akka (Acre) with tens of rockets in retaliation for Israeli massacres yesterday
  • 13:00 Hezbollah announces shelling of Haifa with tens of rockets
  • 12:52 David Walsh meets with Fouad Siniora in Government Serail, entering building through back door
  • 12:50 15 wounded in Israeli air strike on inhabited home in Kfar Kila
  • 12:35 David Walsh meeting with Nabih Berri concludes; Walsh does not make any statements
  • 12:20 Demonstrations in front of Government Serail in Beirut to protest David Walsh’s visit
  • 12:15 Yedioth Ahronot: warning sirens in west Haifa
  • 11:45 David Walsh in meeting with Nabih Berri
  • 11:20 Seven Israeli air strikes on Zibqeen in southern Lebanon
  • 10:50 Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut result in 4 killed and 9 wounded
  • 10:31 Israeli air strike targets inhabited home in Aitit
  • 10:28 Israeli artillery shelling on residential areas in Kafra
  • 10:21 Israeli air strike on truck in al-Helaniyeh in Beqaa
  • 10:19 Israel admits one soldier killed and another wounded in al-Taybeh last night
  • 09:48 Lebanese police: one Lebanese soldier killed in Israeli sea landing operation on Sour (Tyre)
  • 09:46 Haaretz: one Israeli soldier killed in sea landing operation on Sour (Tyre)
  • 09:45 Haaretz: one Israeli officer and 7 soldiers wounded in sea landing operation in Sour (Tyre)
  • 09:13 Rice: resolution for ceasefire could be agreed in few days
  • 09:10 Reuters: five Lebanese killed, including Lebanese army officer, in Sour (Tyre)
  • 09:05 Israeli army admits number of its soldiers injured in sea landing operation in Sour (Tyre) at dawn
  • 08:56 Five Israelis wounded in Hezbollah shelling on Haifa
  • 08:53 Two killed in Sour (Tyre) when their motorcycle is targeted
  • 08:46 Israeli air strikes on western Zoter near Nabatiyeh, 3 wounded
  • 08:25 Hezbollah fires round of Raad II rockets on Haifa
  • 05:10 al-Jazeera correspondent: Israeli air strikes on Sour (Tyre)
  • 04:40 Strong explosions heard in Beirut, thought to have targeted Southern Suburb
  • 04:15 Israel announces destruction of rocket-launcher used to shell al-Khdeira
  • 03:06 Tens of Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut and al-Ouzai; Friday’s toll 134 killed or wounded
  • 03:05 Israeli police: for first time, Hezbollah rockets reach city of al-Khdeira 75 km into Israel; no casualties reported
  • 03:00 $6.6 million raised by Jewish Americans as aid for northern Israel
  • 02:49 Israeli shelling of al-Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp near Sour (Tyre) in southern Lebanon
  • 02:14 US and France closer to agreement on UN draft resolution for ceasefire as first step to political resolution of Israeli-Lebanese conflict
  • 01:30 Israeli radio: warning sirens in some settlements in northern Israel
  • 01:00 191 rockets fired into northern Israel on Friday
  • 00:50 Jewish-Americans meet Kofi Annan and express their disappointment with way UN is dealing with crisis
  • 04:45 Bush calls Kofi Annan for 15 minutes
  • 00:40 Pentagon spokesperson says US will give Lebanese army spare parts worth $10 million when it extends control to all Lebanese areas
  • 00:13 Saudi Arabia says unlikely to use oil as weapon in Lebanese war
  • 00:10 Amnesty International criticized Israeli investigation on Qana massacre, which resulted in tens of dead and wounded, describing it as “whitewash”. Amnesty International executive deputy secretary general Kate Gilmore said: We cannot allow any investigation into events in Qana to be whitewash; what is needed here is independent investigation


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100,000 in London Demo on Saturday 5th August.

Called by the UK Stop The War Coalition:(
It called for:
•Unconditional ceasefire now
•Stop Israel's attacks on Lebanon and Gaza
•End Tony Blair's support for Bush's wars.

Children's shoes were also thrown at Downing Street's gates (where Mr Blair lives)in memory of the children that have died).
See picture at this link (BBC):

For a report of this Demo and pictures + other links see.

Neil Williams
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