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Minute by Minute:: August 7

Source: Tayyar, New TV and other news sources

  • 23:30 Death toll of Israeli air strikes on Shiyah rises to 15 casualties
  • 22:40 Hezbollah announces destruction of Israeli tank near Aita al-Shaab, killing and injuring its crew
  • 22:30 Launching “Qana Human Rights Monitor” at Journalists Syndicate tomorrow
  • 22:20 Amr Moussa and foreign ministers of Qatar and UAE leave for New York
  • 22:15 Israeli shelling on residential areas of borderline city of al-Khiam
  • 21:57 Israeli air strikes on Siddiqeen and Qana, and fissile bombs on Battouliyeh and Hanawiyeh
  • 21:55 Lebanese defense minister Elias Murr: resolution will contribute to acceptance of modifications requested by Lebanon
  • 21:50 German foreign minister arrives in Beirut tomorrow to discuss possible ways towards resolving crisis
  • 21:45 Lebanese cabinet unanimously decides to send 15,000 soldiers to southern Lebanon as soon as Israeli army withdraws
  • 21:30 Israeli airplanes circle over al-Qammou’ah – Akkar
  • 21:25 Israeli air strikes on building near Britel Husseiniyeh, kills 4 and injures 23
  • 21:22 Paris asks to postpone presenting proposed resolution until some modifications have been included
  • 21:20 Israeli admits 2 of its soldiers killed in clashes in southern Lebanon
  • 21:15 France supports introducing passage calling for Israel to withdraw from Lebanon in proposed UN resolution
  • 21:10 Shiyah residents flee to Sanayeh public garden and call out to government for help
  • 21:05 One killed and 7 injured in Israeli shelling of Husseiniyeh in Shmestar
  • 20:55 Israeli air strikes on Marjeyoun and al-Khiam
  • 20:45 At least 10 killed and over 30 injured in Israeli air strikes on Shiyah
  • 20:30 Three Israeli air strikes on Britel and Shmestar in Beqaa
  • 20:25 Israeli air strike on Shiyah targets building behind Beirut Mall on old Saida road
  • 20:20 Lebanese political sources to Reuters: Lebanese government will decide to send Lebanese army to southern Lebanon
  • 20:15 Israeli air strikes target Shiyah for first time since start of aggression
  • 20:10 Lebanese army directorate of orientation calls on Lebanese army first reservists, discharged from duty less than 5 years ago; procedure does not include those drafted for military service
  • 20:05 Reports of new massacre as result of Israeli shelling of Assa’ad al-Assa’ad street in Shiyah this evening
  • 20:00 Lebanese cabinet to convene emergency meeting this evening
  • 19:52 Renewal of Israeli air strikes on the Southern Suburb of Beirut
  • 19:50 Israeli channel 1: preliminary reports indicate Hezbollah surveillance plane carrying weapons
  • 19:42 Five Israeli soldiers killed in Hezbollah ambush in al-Aadayseh
  • 19:41 Yedioth Ahronot: 160 rockets fall on northern Israel since morning
  • 19:37 Death toll of al-Ghaziyeh massacre rises to 16
  • 19:30 Israel says it shot down Hezbollah pilot-less surveillance plane over Israel
  • 19:15 Security Council general session concerning Lebanon on Tuesday
  • 18:55 Israeli helicopters circle over Sour (Tyre), and continued shelling of western district
  • 18:45 Reuters based on Lebanese source: Lebanese army calls in reserves for possible deployment in southern Lebanon
  • 18:43 Warning sirens in Haifa
  • 18:38 Israeli artillery shelling on coast of Sour (Tyre) from al-Housh to Ras al-Bayada
  • 18:26 Lebanese army calls in reservists discharged for less than 5 years
  • 18:23 Israeli artillery shelling targets former Ellisar Television building
  • 18:22 Fierce shelling from Israeli warships on al-Rashidiyeh
  • 18:20 US president, George Bush, and secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, hold press conference
  • 18:14 New round of rockets fall on Kiryat Shmona, Akka (Acre) and Safad
  • 17:44 Siniora delivers statement following conclusion of Arab foreign ministers meeting: Arab support for seven articles adopted by Lebanese cabinet; delegation to travel to New York immediately to meet with UN Security Council and UN secretary general Kofi Annan to express Arab perspective in support of Lebanon; cautioning Security Council from taking decisions that are cannot be implemented, complicate situation on ground, and disregard Lebanon’s interests and unity as expressed in 7 articles
  • 17:40 Heavy artillery shelling on all villages of al-Aarqub
  • 17:35 65 people rescued alive from under rubble in town of Houla which was subjected to series of Israeli air strikes
  • 17:33 French ambassador to UN Jean-Marc de La Sabliere: we will look into amendments made by Lebanon today; French-US draft resolution does not only seek cessation of hostilities, but permanent ceasefire as well
  • 17:30 al-Jazeera: Arab foreign ministers delegate Arab League secretary general, Amr Moussa, to prepare for Arab summit
  • 17:20 Sources in United Nations refer to meeting between US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, with number of foreign ministers in New York to discuss crisis in Middle East
  • 17:10 Israeli air strikes on al-Aarqub in southern Lebanon
  • 17:05 President George Bush: we will work with our partners to reach UN resolution with regards to ending violence at earliest possible time
  • 17:00 One person killed in Israeli shelling on Mabneen in al-Ruz complex at entrance of al-Aabasiyeh
  • 16:56 Arab foreign ministers form delegation to UN to support Lebanon in Security Council
  • 16:45 Peretz: Israel will expand its military ground operations in absence of any diplomatic solution
  • 16:41 Israeli air strike on Maydoun in Western Beqaa
  • 16:40 Israeli minister of defense, Peretz: we will destroy Hezbollah rocket launchers wherever they are
  • 16:27 AFP: death toll rises to 14 victims in Israeli shelling of al-Ghaziyeh
  • 16:05 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over Riyaq
  • 16:00 al-Jazeera correspondent: France informs some Lebanese parties of its intention to abstain from voting on resolution lacking Lebanese consensus
  • 15:32 Israeli air strike on Shouf Cedars (Arz al-Shouf) results in cutting Cedars – Ain Zhalta road on mountain peak
  • 15:28 Olmert meets with Israeli army command near Lebanese border
  • 14:50 Prime Minister Fouad Siniora gives opening speech at conference of Arab foreign ministers: we need prompt and decisive ceasefire; solution that addresses roots of problem must be ensured by which ceasefire becomes permanent; there is Lebanese consensus on 7 articles; call for ceasefire, withdrawal of Israeli army and placement of Shebaa Farms under international control; I am not satisfied with drafts we received in last 2 days; pressure must be placed on international community for Security Council resolution leading to complete ceasefire; we need assistance in reconstruction and support for economy
  • 14:30 Dead and injured civilians under rubble in town of Houla
  • 14:10 Arab foreign ministers meeting in Beirut begins
  • 14:04 Hezbollah sets up ambush for Israeli unit southeast of al-Adayseh, resulting in 8 soldiers injured or killed
  • 14:00 al-Manar: Hezbollah targets Israeli unit near town of Ain Ebil, Israeli Army Northern Command base in Safad and Ilbon military base; Hezbollah also shells Eastern Brigade headquarters in Kiryat Shmona, al-Marj Honin battalion, and Khirbet al-Manara barracks
  • 13:59 Hezbollah targets Israeli Army Northern Command headquarters in Safad and Ilbon base
  • 13:57 Reports of tens of civilians killed in Israeli air strikes on Houla
  • 13:30 Israeli air strikes on house near Government Serail in Nabatiyeh
  • 13:20 Arab foreign ministers arrive in Grand Serail in Beirut
  • 13:10 Renewed Israeli shelling of Houla
  • 13:00 New round of Hezbollah rockets land in Nahariya
  • 12:55 International Red Cross ship carrying food and medical aid arrives in Saida (Sidon) Port
  • 12:52 Repeated Israeli air strikes on coastal areas in Sour (Tyre)
  • 12:35 Yedoith Ahronot: Hezbollah shelling on Kiryat Shmona results in 1 injury
  • 12:30 Israeli air strike on house in Houla with 15 people inside, including 9 children
  • 12:25 Warning sirens in northern Israel
  • 12:20 Two airplanes carrying number of Arab foreign ministers arrives in Beirut Airport
  • 12:17 Israeli shelling on fields of Hanawiyeh
  • 12:15 Israeli air strike on al-Housh near Sour (Tyre)
  • 12:05 al-Jazeera correspondent: fierce battles in western and eastern districts of southern Lebanon
  • 11:50 Concentrated Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Maifadoun and Shokeen
  • 11:45 Three settlers injured in west Galilee as result of Hezbollah Katyousha rockets
  • 11:42 Lebanese official statistics confirm over 1,000 Lebanese killed since start of Israeli aggression on Lebanon
  • 11:41 Israeli air strikes on east and west Zotor and Maifadoun
  • 11:40 Reuters: Hezbollah rockets today result in injuring at least 1 Israeli
  • 11:34 Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa: Arab foreign ministers will discuss possibility of convening extra-ordinary Arab League summit
  • 11:27 Concentrated Israeli shelling on al-Bayada – Ras al-Ain coast near Sour (Tyre)
  • 11:25 Three Israeli air strikes on eastern hills of Baalbek
  • 11:20 Warning sirens in northern Israel
  • 11:16 Concentrated Israeli artillery shelling targets al-Taher and al-Dabsheh in Nabatiyeh
  • 11:13 Hezbollah rockets land on Nahariya and Shlomi
  • 11:07 Israeli army announces 3 Israeli soldiers and 4 Hezbollah fighters killed
  • 11:00 Israeli air strikes at dawn on antenna on Mount Barouk
  • 10:53 Israeli air strikes on al-Dabsheh hill overlooking Nabatiyeh
  • 10:52 Israeli air strikes on al-Mahmoudiyeh, Dibeen, Harouf and al-Qulaiyaa
  • 10:50 Israeli air strikes on al-Dalafa and on al-Sultaniyeh – Qalya main road
  • 10:45 Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert meets with Israeli officials to discuss expanding attacks on Lebanon
  • 10:39 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of al-Habariyeh
  • 10:32 Three Israeli air strikes on Litani River
  • 10:29 Three Israeli soldiers killed in Bint Jbeil
  • 10:27 Fierce Israeli shelling on Ras al-Ain beach
  • 10:22 al-Jazeera correspondent: renewed Israeli air strikes and shelling on Sour (Tyre)
  • 10:21 Israeli air strikes on Kafra targets houses and cellular base stations
  • 10:19 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Kfar Hamam and Halta near Shebaa Farms
  • 10:09 Hezbollah states it has stopped Israeli troop advance towards al-Bayada
  • 09:51 Israeli artillery shelling on Jabsheet destroys 4 buildings
  • 09:28 Series of Israeli air strikes on Harouf triangle and inside town; casualties reported
  • 09:18 Israeli air strike on Litani river near Dibeen
  • 09:11 One person killed and 10 injured in Israeli shelling of al-Ghaziyeh
  • 08:52 Israeli air strikes on residential buildings in Kfar Ruman
  • 08:25 Israeli air strike on al-Ghaziyeh; casualties reported
  • 06:10 Seventh Israeli air strike on Southern Suburb of Beirut
  • 05:55 Eight family members killed in Israeli air strike on al-Ghassaniyeh in Saida (Sidon)
  • 05:40 Hezbollah statement: 4 Israeli soldiers killed, including officer, in clashes on outskirts of Houla
  • 05:24 Renewed Israeli shelling on Southern Suburb of Beirut
  • 05:17 Israeli air strike on Southern Suburb of Beirut
  • 03:36 Haaretz: Israeli army planning for strike against strategic infrastructure and Lebanese government symbols
  • 03:32 Israeli air strike targets Moussaoui Establishment on Baalbek-Riyaq road
  • 02:55 UN Security Council meeting: China and Russia want to include amendments to resolution to conciliate Lebanese position
  • 02:30 Two Israeli air strikes on Hay al-Aasireh and 3 Israeli air strikes on Baalbek fields
  • 02:25 Hezbollah in fierce battles for past half hour with Israeli forces that tried to advance towards Houla
  • 02:15 Three Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Baalbek
  • 01:47 Israeli helicopters circle repeatedly over al-Mahmoudiyeh
  • 01:10 Israeli reserve troops announce 6 Hezbollah fighters killed
  • 00:24 Syrian president Bashar al-Assad: UN resolution not stabilizing factor


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Monday 7th August 2006.

Video: George Galloway - Hizbollah Is Not A Terrorist Organization.

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. "Must Watch" Video.
George Galloway takes on Sky TV!
George Galloway has spoken out in support of Lebanon, saying he believes Hizbollah is justified in defending Lebanon against Israeli attacks . The Respect MP also lambasted media coverage of the war and said the UN resolution means nothing (with regard to the current situation).

A "must watch" video. See it at:

The full link to this video and other articles by George Gallloway the Respect MP in the UK Parliament can be seen on the Respect Blog at:

Neil Williams
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P.S. Remember what Margaret Thatcher(ex UK Prime Minister) called Nelson Mandela and the ANC - a "terrorist" and a "terrorist organisation"!!

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