Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Main News Items - Tuesday 18 July

  • The inhabitants of Shabaa are asking for assistance and evacuation.

  • The inhabitants of Tayr Harfa are asking for assistance and supplies.

  • The inhabitants of Rashaya Al Fakhar are blocked in the church of the town and are calling for evacuation.

  • Besieged families on the road between Shoukrin and Zibdine are asking for assistance.

  • Israel targets UAE ambulances in Dahr el Baidar.

  • Phosphorous bombs hits the Orthodox Church in Rashaya.

  • 1000 persons displaced from Bint Jbeil are asking for immediate assistance.

  • United Nations requests that the transportation of patients and injured people from the South to Beirut be provided.
  • Shortage in food supplies for 280 families in Daraya.

  • Shortage in milk and food supplies in Ain Ibl.


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