Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Minute by Minute :: July 18


14.39 Air strike on Baalbeck, Saidi and Majdloun in the Bekaa
14.37 Hizbullah announces that it hit ammunition storage in upper Galilee
14.32 Air strike on bridge above the river Litani (Hawch Rafka)
14.27 Air strikes hit several bridges in Baalbeck
14.17 President of the Republic visits bombarded Lebanese army sites and wounded
14.10 Villages of Remich, Ain Ebel, & Debel under bombing
13.54 Israel Army: Hizbullah attacks decline and the military offence will last some 3 to 4 weeks
13.52 Medical supplies and pharmaceutical products carriage burns in Tarshish – Zahleh
13.46 Missiles hit Tabaraiya in Israel but no casualties reported
13.46 Emergency sirens launched in Tabariya (Israel)
13.35 Lebanese PM calls international community to Lebanon’s assistance
13.27 Continuous air strikes on Tyr’s suburbs
13.25 UAE ambassador in Beirut: UAE’s Medical convoy escapes bombing
13.22 Orthodox Church in Rashayia hit by phosphoric bombs
13.17 Hizbullah fires bombs on Haifa
13.04 Six rockets hit Safad
13.01 Hizbullah fires rockets on Tabaraiya
12.56 Two air strikes on outskirts of Baalbeck
12.51 Renewed bombing of Dhour Choueir – Zahleh road
12.50 Big explosion heard in Haifa
12.44 UAE ambulance convoys retreats back to borders after being shelled
12.42 Air strike on Baalback hills
12.42 Renewed bombing of Beirut Southern Suburb
12.37 Shelling targets UAE ambulances on Dahr Al Baidar road
12.35 Air strike hits truck convoy on Tarshish-Zahleh road and results in people wounded
12.33 Air strike on church in Rashaya El Fukhar and leaves injuries
12.29 Sound bomb on the city of Zahleh driving citizens to shelters
12.07 Dhour Choueir – Zahleh bombed
12.05 Kfarshima and Wadi Chahrour surroundings under shelling
12.04 Two civilian convoys hit on Zahleh Dhour Choueir road
11.56 New air strikes on Zahleh surroundings
11.53 Israeli warships hit villages of Tyr
11.39 Israeli Foreign Minister declares refusal of international forces deployment in Lebanon
11.05 Sirens launched in Haifa - Fires explode again in “Liban Lait” (dairy products) factory - Australian foreign minister announces that Israel refuses a short ceasefire just to evacuate Australian citizens
10.26 Bombing nears Baalbeck’s historical temples
10.25 Media talks about 9 Lebanese solidiers killed and 41 wounded in night bombing of Jmhour and Kfarshima
9.08 Ten killed and thirty wounded in Jmhour bombings
8.29 Death toll in Lebanon goes up to 210 since the beginning of the war on Lebanon
8.08 11 killed Tuesday morning in more than 50 air strikes on several regions
07.51 Israeli jets bomb south Lebanon and kill six at least
07.20 Israeli jets bombs and destroys a truck transporting cement and another empty
07.01 Air raids on old historical town of Byblos
02.56 Renewed bombing of Beirut’s southern suburb
02.10 House of ANB TV channel reporter completely destroyed in Baalbeck
02.10 Two air raids on the town of Bednayel in Baalbeck
02.05 Two air strikes target plastic factory and the Justice Palace in Baalbeck
02.03 Bombing of Wadi Chahrour, Kfarshima, Baabda, Souther subirb, Choueifat
01.35 Heavy air raids over the mountains
01.20 Renewed bombing of Beirut’s southern suburb
01.13 Aitaroun massacre counts 9 children out of the 13 dead of the family Awadah
01.07 Hizbullah targets Safad and injures five people as well as other towns north of Israel


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